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Many would ask what is Goswick Design Group, but really they should be asking who. Who is Goswick Design Group? Goswick Design Group is not one person, its more of a team. Goswick Design Group is a Houston advertising agency where we believe that thru interconnectivity with others can we make ourselves better and more able to service our clients. Utilizing the skill sets of a certain person for the job needed when its needed. GDG is constantly shifting, changing, and evolving, to fits the needs of the clients and to take on the challenges ahead of us.

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GDG is an idea that spawned from the mind of Chris Goswick. Growing up in an advertising family may have played some role in shaping this but it is where much of his knowledge and drive for this work comes from. Realizing that flexibility and able to change quickly were keys to business of tomorrow he thought it only natural instead of creating an agency that something more akin to a hub would better suit the needs of everyone. This "hub" being a place where people with certain skills could check in and out when they are needed. With this a client can have their needs covered by a team tailored to their needs.

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