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The first step when building a website is always to plan out the site first. In doing so you can make sure that not only does the site look good and is user-friendly for your customers, but also build correctly for proper SEO techniques..


Optimising for Google

Optimising for Google is about ensuring that when someone enters a particular keyword into Google, that you have everything set up properly in a way that ensures that Google can find your site and present it in the search engine results page in a prominent position, ideally in the 'sweet spot' just below the paid ads.

There is no easy set formula to doing this. Google develop their logic, sometimes referred to as an algorithm and are frequently refining the algorithm to improve the way it works. Google are keen to support quality sites that have good content and to not support sites which are over engineered with the single aim of pushing them up the search engine ranks. Google do not publish their algorithm because if they did they know that every web author would rapidly change their sites to try and 'game' the system.

Optimising becomes a bit of a guessing game or a game of trial and error, of test and learn. What works one week might not work so well the next.

I offer an affordable search engine optimisation service based on what I have learnt that works. You will appreciate that I cannot make any absolute guarantees that it will work as effectively for your site. As always it depends on how much site optimization work I am able to do for you and the level of website optimization effort being expended by your competitors.

Key factors

Despite the constant changes in the rules about what position a site gets shown at in the search results, there are some factors that will always have a major influence:

Number one is content i.e. the text that appears on each page. Content is king and so it should be. The text needs to be written in quality prose that would make sense to the average reader. It does not need to be stuffed with keywords to such an extent that it is nonsense.

The meta description is important because that is what is shown in the search engine results page on Google. It is the first thing that your customer sees about your site. They won't see much - just a couple of sentences but it should be made as relevant to what they are looking for as possible.

Browser page titles, title tags and headings are all important to pay attention to as these signal the content of the page both to the reader and to Google so need to be both relevant to the search that is being requested and to the textual content of the web page.
Images can be used to enhance the design of the page or illustrate concepts. They can also be used to enhance keyword optimisation by the use of alternative text tags attached to them.

Google Places and Local SEO

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If you are running a small local business and you want to be found in local searches then you really need to start by signing up for Google Places. When you have an entry in Google Places you will see in some local searches a blended search results page which is a mixture of generic results and a grid of results returned from Google maps with markers A through G highlighting the location of the businesses on a map.

I can do the set up for you but there's really nothing that you can't do for yourself and the sooner you start, the quicker you will show up in local searches, assuming you've set it up correctly.

The key thing to completing the Google places page is to make sure that key details like Name, Address and Telephone Number are accurate and consistent with any local directories that may have you listed. Google will cross-reference this information and if any of it is inconsistent then Google may just not set up your Google Places entry and you will not appear on Google maps. It is important to fill in as many of the sections as possible, including times of opening, payment methods, photos and even videos if you have any. If for some reason you are unwilling to supply a permanent address which is shown online then this can make things more difficult to optimise for local SEO but I will still do what I can to optimise your website site for your locality.

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