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There was once a time when all a small business needed was a small ad in the Yellow Pages to have a fair chance at prospering with a little luck. Nowadays most people don't even know what the Yellow Pages are let alone use them to look for a certain business. Businesses both small and large now use websites to stay competitive, to find customers, and for their customers to find them. Most new customers will use a search engine to find your site, and the most popular search engine is Google, so your website should be designed from the start with Google SEO in mind as well as the appeal to your customer.

All to often many small businesses invest both time and money into site design only for it not to show up in google or be lost among the millions of other sites out there. Here at the Goswick Design Group, we know the importance of proper SEO work as well as good site planning to create the perfect site, as well as nurture your site so that it can climb the ladder in Google as well.


GDG offers web design and web hosting packages to fit nearly any need, from large to small but all packages have the same base to them. These are the core services that we provide our clients.

Website Planning - This is the first step and one of the most important steps to building a great site. From identifying the proper keywords to site style and more, it all starts with proper planning.

Website Design and Build - A site that is optimized for almost all current desktop browsers, including mobile, tablet, and smartphones.

Google SEO and Setup - From handling the SEO work needed for Google to setting up the proper services thru Google that your site will need.

Regular Monitoring of SEO & Content Updates - For the first 3 months you will receive weekly updates on how your site fares on Google as well as content updates (small scale). After the first 3 months we can offer a monthly service for continued service or on a per needed basis.

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Now for your site to actually be up and online for everyone to see, you have to have it uploaded onto a web server or through a hosting service. GDG does offer web hosting services as well ranging from web site hosting, cloud servers, email servers, SQL Databases and more.

Our web hosting managed by GDG and maintained by GDG. We offer this so our clients can rest easy knowing that all things needed for a site lay under one roof and are always ready to work. There is a small monthly fee for us to host your site like everywhere else, but few can compete with the low price we can offer as well as all the added benefits we can supply our customers with.

Some people may prefer to find their own hosting or might alright have a provider. This is not an issue what so ever, but we will need to be provided with FTP access to the outside server.

For those that are looking for a great domain and hosting company be sure to check into, in over 5 years of working with Namecheap i have yet to have an issue what so ever.

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